Sunday, July 10, 2005

From Salambo

Adam and I discovered a relatively fast Internet cafe in Salambo
today, so I may be posting more often from now on! Yesterday's
bathhouse experience was an experience alright, although there was no
bathing to be had. Lea and I walked from school to the medina
after lunch in order to find the aforementioned bathhouse. The medina
is a maze of winding streets of shops and residential neighborhoods
enclosed in a wall that represents the ancient border of the city. The
entrance to the medina feels very much like the Grand Bazaar in that it
is full of shops selling everything from rugs to nargiles to jewelry to
spices. As one journeys further into the interior, however, one
encounters fewer and fewer crowds and shops and finds oneself in the
midst of a relatively poor residential neighborhood. This is where Lea
and I found ourselves yesterday as we struggled to find this little
hole-in-the-wall bathhouse which our guidebook had recommended.
Eventually, we had to ask for directions from a group of middle-aged
men in Arabic, a feat that always amuses the locals, especially because
we speak fusah instead of the local Tunisian dialect. So we
walk through this little archway (literally a hole in the wall) and
find ourselves in this tiled room with a handful of half-naked local
women scrubbing themselves. After standing there for a few minutes, we
realized that we in fact had absolutely no idea what to do and there
was obviously nobody to help us, so we left. Making our way out of the
medina was almost as much of an adventure as finding out way in.
Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed in our lack of a
bathhouse experience because truly clean is something that I am so
rarely these days.


Blogger Heartsurgeon said...

hi sweetie...greetings from Boston...we are visiting MIT today, Alex likes the "feel" of the place. Alex was intrigued by a robotic Tuna we saw at the MIT museum...go figure. You need to visit a Turkish hammam for the authentic experience! Just curious...what is the local "take" on the London bombings?

love and kisses

3:12 PM  
Blogger racheljayne said...

So your bathhouse experience was neither exotic, relaxing nor cleansing. But what an adventure! Great to hear about all your exploits. Looking forward to the next post. ;)


5:17 PM  
Blogger Heartsurgeon said...

Greetings from Hanover, New Hampshire...absolutely beautiful..hills, pine trees everywhere. Al is interviewing at Dartmouth today. Looks really nice. We did the Harvard tour yesterday...the dude who ran the informational session wore a bowtie and made several snide comments about Yale. I thought they suppose to be "above" the fray....guess that's just b.s. Alex thought there were a lot of "tools" in the crowd. The sophomore who took us on the tour was asking Claire what other Universities she was applying to....hmmmm, the best and the brightest??

3:48 PM  
Blogger Cari said...

good luck with your interviews, al!

8:17 PM  

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