Friday, July 01, 2005


So after 47 hours of planes, trains and buses, we finally made it to Tunis! Maddie, Greg and I met up with Eric, Greg L. (Mimi's Greg, for those who are in the know), Lorraine, Chris and some kid named Peter at Gatwick before flying to Tunis.

The city is HUGE and quite amazing from what I have seen of it so far. However, it is REALLY HOT during the day. Most of us are staying in this funny little place called the Hotel Majestic until the dorms open. Let it suffice to say that the Hotel Majestic has a lot of...character. We spent most of the day catching up on sleep and exploring our immediate surroundings. Tomorrow we will register at the school and visit the American consulate. Besides the extreme heat, walking around was enjoyable, and Maddie and I faced very little in the way of harrassment. I was surprised at how few women walk around on the streets.

Did I mention that it's really hot here?


Blogger Cari said...

We want pictures! love Mom

4:36 PM  
Blogger Heartsurgeon said...

how's the weather? is it hot?

2:24 AM  

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