Thursday, August 04, 2005

In other news...

My class has been finalized, and my teacher is awesome! My Arabic speaking ability has improved over 200 percent in the past three days just because of the confidence boost that being in this class have given me.

The Italians left today, and Adam and I went out to La Marsa to have dinner and hang out with them on their last night. We went to the beach and ate fried donuts with honey as Giovanni took a bunch of pictures. Afterward we ate at this "famous" restaurant and sat for a while drinking tea, smoking a nargile and chatting. Yesterday was by far the most beautiful day we have had so far. The air was cool and clear. The sky was bright blue with puffy clouds that glowed brilliant shades of orange and pink in the sunset. The mountain across the bay were more visiable than ever, making the train ride from Tunis to Salambo a real treat. Even the flowers seemed to smell sweeter, and the palm trees waved in the gentle breeze. Basically, it was perfect.

I start belly-dancing lessons today!

And I might be getting a cell phone to use until I leave.


Blogger mary b said...

Belly dancing lessons...this will certainly inflate the interest level for "Tuna's Tunis Show & Tell Time."

4:22 PM  

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