Saturday, August 06, 2005

A little rain must fall...

As it turns out, there will be no belly dancing and no phone for me this time around :( Too bad.

Other than that, life is great. I couldn't ask for a better Arabic class, and living in between Salambo and Tunis is really working out nicely. Lea and I are having a lot of fun hanging out together in Tunis, and Emma (my friend from Scotland) and I spent the afternoon in the suq yesterday and had a wonderful time (until we started getting frustrated near the end, but I have found that that is pretty much inevitable).

Also, I have found traveling partners for me trip to the south next weekend!!! They are two handsome and strapping men from Malta who are studying in the level below me at Bourguiba and living near Lea at the mixed dorms. Not only are they in the army (which I figure means they will know how to take care of themselves and me should a threatening situation arise), but they are also pretty adventuresome and really nice. In fact, I had selected them earlier this week as potential escorts before they even asked me! I don't exactly know what to expect other than a great adventure, and I am thrilled at the prospect!

Today I'm hitting the beach with the kiddos, and tomorrow the girls and I (and maybe Eric and Olavi) are taking a day trip to Hammamet and Cap Bon!


Blogger Heartsurgeon said...

sweetie - i will be accompanying you back to hartford/new haven after the wedding. i will be staying in new haven from aug 28-31.

be careful when you travel back through ready for possible searches of your bags in the tube system.

State Department has issued a world wide travel safe.

4:43 PM  

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